Current Works

  • V2 – $uicide
    • $uicide introduces the reader to the protagonist (Tom) shortly before he engages in a heroic act. However, while everyone knows that heroes are ordinary people that do extraordinary deeds, what is often overlooked is that after having done so they have to live with the consequences of their actions. Partially inspired by the film “Ellen: The Ellen Pakkies Story”, $uicide touches on some of the key moments in Tom’s journey to understand the meaning of his heroism, along with the challenges that it has brought into his life, and the pleasantries that it has taken from him.
    • Check out the first two chapters of $uicide in the link below:
  • YKK + XIX
    • A doting father’s unapologetic explanation for the true origin of the COVID-19 virus. You might be shocked to hear that it wasn’t an elaborate conspiracy set in motion by our communist overlords.
    • Check out the #inkternity version of YKK + XIX in the link below:
  • Who’s in the Yard?
    • Have you ever wondered who’s in the yard? Now you’ll know! The bright colours and friendly creatures in this book will help children develop as they begin to ask themselves questions about the endless possibilities of who’s in the yard.
    • “I walked into the kitchen to find my kids reading your book. But what’s even more impressive than that is they had pulled it out of the garbage can, and with every turn of the page they were wiping food off of it so they could get a better view of the pictures. In the realm of children’s literature, that’s a sign of a true masterpiece.” Martha P
    • Check out the “shutterstock” version of Who’s in the Yard? at the link below:
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