Hello. My name is Tom Fazekas, and I live in Toronto with my wife Olivia and our children Mackenzie and Lincoln.

For the past thirteen years I’ve been working as an actuary at a sizable Canadian life insurance company, where the primary focus of my career has been in the areas of risk and finance. And while it is no longer part of my current responsibilities, it is worth mentioning that from September 2012 through May 2019, a significant portion of my role was devoted to understanding the plausible implications of a pandemic outbreak. Which is how it came to be that in March of 2020, I knew exactly how much toilet paper to buy.

For a while now I’ve known (i.e. in my own opinion there was no possible alternative) that I had some pretty excellent ideas that would turn out to be incredible books once I got around to writing them. So I never felt there was a need to actually start writing them, since I knew (i.e. similar definition to the above, adjusted for tense accordingly) that whenever I did get around to writing them they would be incredible. Until one day in July of 2019, when I realized that logic wasn’t going to get a book written, and so I decided to take an alternative approach to writing a book. Which was to write a book.

And so I wrote my first book. It’s called $uicide. You can check out the first two chapters of it in the link on my Current Works page.

However, now that I have written a book, I realize that if I want other people to read that book, and hopefully pay me some form of monetary compensation in order to do so (let’s not kid ourselves, I put a $ in the title), I need to have something more than just the book. There has to be an identity to the book, and to the “enterprise” that created the book. It has to have a brand. And while I expect that brand will evolve over time, I’ve come to realize that having a website will form a component of that brand.

And so I built my first website. Thanks for stopping by to check it out.