Future Works

  • V3 – Wormh⟳le
    • A story about the end of the universe, and why it might not really matter.
  • V4 – a sheep in wolves’ clothing
    • In a moment of extreme vulnerability, a mother makes a decision in the hope she can save one of her twin daughters. But she ends up losing both.
  • V5 – DST℞
    • On (date to be confirmed) Bernie Sanders sent a letter to (pharmaceutical company to be confirmed) asking them to explain why they felt the need to increase the price of the drug (drug to be confirmed) from $0 to (price of drug to be confirmed). On (date to be determined) Arthur Rose wrote no such letter. His approach was slightly more direct.
  • V1 – Lo\/e
    • ‘Till death do we part. As for what happens in between…
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